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My night belongs to Maury February 5, 2009

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I think this is BY FAR the most popular Maury clip ever. Did the Maury show add in the music? Or was it some You Tube whiz kid.

And this one isn’t that bad either…you just have to sit through it.


Why the word Swag should be outlawed in 2009

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How I happened upon this is not important.  The important point is that the word Swag needs to be put to bed and never awoken again.


Would you have the courage to wear one?

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Check the link: Passion For Christ Movement

It takes a lot of courage to display your past vices on your chest.


Why do I need a guide on how to cope? February 4, 2009

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For the love of all that is romantic in this world. Do we really need 15,600,000 search results for the phrase “single on valentine’s day”.  Is it that bad? Do we really need that much help?

I suppose we do.

Being Single on Valentine’s Day: A Survival Guide

How to Cope with Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

Single on Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s Day: 7 Ways to Enjoy this Lover’s Holiday When You’re Unattached

The Single Girl’s Valentine’s Day (OMG…poke me in the eff-ing eye right now!)

Coping with Being Single on Valentine’s Day

Fierce and Single: Give Valentine’s Day a Run For It’s Money



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  1. My son gave me a birthday card today. He wrote “I love you – From, Tashar” in it.  It was so awesome.
  2. Later in the evening he asked me if I wanted him to take the card back to the store. Apparently he didn’t like the way I was behaving.
  3. Tomorrow is World Nutella Day.  After I got laid off Nutella became a slight obsession. I tried to eat it everyday. I think I got 2 days into my journey and had to stop.  But tomorrow  I may have to go to SF just to get a Nutella bagel with sliced bananas.
  4. I figured out that VLOOKUP doesn’t really hate me, just the data I tell it to look up.  But I learned something tonight.  If my numbers are not formatted the same way VLOOKUP can’t match them.  WHAT! VLOOKUP for making my life easier, you sure do make it difficult. Now I have to convert 3000 lines of data by using right click. Oh the joys of Excel.
  5. is my new online music player. Very cool.
  6. I’ve said “shoot me in the face” way too many times this week.
  7. “Poke me in the eye” has gotten some heavy rotation too.
  8. I did a visualization exercise that totally rocked my world. I’ve not felt that much emotion in a REALLY long time. It was a great release. Doing another one before I crawl into the bed tonight.
  9. I started using Pidgin again; I had way too many chat programs open all the time.
  10. And because of the aforementioned I’m now taking the time to spell correctly. Not because I want to, but because the spell check in Pidgin doesn’t work…even after downloading 2 patches to fix it.

And this concludes the “Awesome” for the evening.


Birthday gift wrap-up February 2, 2009

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For all of you searching far and wide for gift ideas for me, I’ve comprised this awesome and easy “gift guide”. I thank you in advance and I accept cash as well. 🙂

I want these

Another birthday gift I want

Another gift…please

I’ll take this in a small/medium

It has a shiny new warranty


Light Weight Stalking

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Yeah, I’m a stalker, but totally on the light weight tip. I don’t hide in bushes or get dirty. But I do other random things, thanks to the internets.

That ends my sharing session for the night. I really have nothing to write about; I just needed to post something tonight. 🙂