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Trouble? Me? Never! January 8, 2008

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People say random and off the wall things to me all the time (while usually poking fun at how tiny I am). But I get the craziest reactions to my tattoos. I don’t understand why it surprises people that I have 2 of them. So, here are some relatively normal (normal as in I hear them often enough) reactions to my ink:

*You’re so gangster. (my favorite of ALL time. Okay, so I only heard it once, but it had to make the list.)

*I knew you were trouble when I saw you. (I hear this a lot! And I’m not trouble (for the most part)! And if I were my tattoos have nada to do with it!)

*I would have NEVER guessed. You look so, normal.

*Did it hurt alot, seeing how skinny you are? (My least favorite, because then, it is usually followed by them wanting to know how much I weigh. Which is never okay to ask!)

*What possessed you to get a tattoo?

*Do they mean anything? (If they didn’t they wouldn’t be on my body.)

*Are you going to let your son get one? (He’s only 3! When he’s 18, he can do whatever he wants.)

*Why do you have Heaven and Earth instead of Heaven and Hell tattooed on you? (Um, because, I’m Catholic and I wasn’t going to tattoo hell on my back. Plus, Heaven and Earth seem like fine choices to me.)

noname.jpg tat2.jpg

Just because I don’t have a sleeve, doesn’t mean I’m free of ink (I just need to be able to cover them up). I like tattoos, especially on guys, so why not have a few of my own? I mean I’m no Amy Winehouse, but I’m working on my third one; I found the design, just have to figure out the size and placement. (Mommy, Angie, Hilary, Grandma, and any Tate or Finnell, please don’t freak out – you’ll probably never see it.)

Happy Tatting!