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Me cook? Sure, why not. November 27, 2008

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Here are a few truths about Dianna:

-she loves shoes (see this post)

-she loves purses (see this post)

-she doesn’t like to cook (see the post you’re currently reading)

-she enjoys taking care of people

The last two truths have been getting in the way of each other. As I get into older age (the big 30 is around the corner) I find myself wanting to cook as a means of taking care of the people in my life.  But I don’t like to cook. It’s a long and sorted story as to why, but I would rather clean my house than cook. Clean toilets than cook. Hand wash dishes than cook. But something inside of me is saying, “Dianna, cook!” I hear it everyday now.  Little voice go away. Please!


I always get the question, “How do you feed your son if you don’t cook?”  And my answer always is, “I cook for him but not myself.” He’s 4 and really easy to cook for.  Me on the other hand, I’m not so easy to cook for.  I’m rather picky. I don’t really like chicken. I don’t like turkey (unless it’s smoked or ground).  And I try to avoid gluten and dairy.  It’s just easier to pick something up at Trader Joe’s.

But, over the past month I’ve had the desire to cook.  I made a casserole out of left overs in the fridge. It was really good (and I’m not the only one who ate it!).  I made the mac and cheese casserole tonight for our Thanksgiving dinner. And I’m making brownies (from scratch) and maybe fudge (for the first time) tomorrow. Maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it’s my desire to not starve that’s driving me to cook. I’m not sure.  But if my friends keep letting me use them as guinea pigs, I’ll keep cooking.

Give me a year…


But my kitchen will NEVER look like that.


Please don’t ask me that again November 25, 2008

I have this thing about random guys asking me what my thanksgiving plans are. I don’t know you and you don’t know me.  I don’t care about what you’re doing for Thanksgiving.  I only care about what I’m doing; making someone’s pets take embarrassing pictures (well I can’t take credit for this):

So please observe the following rules:

Rule #1: If I wanted to talk to you while we were dancing I would have said something to you first.

Rule #2: Don’t ask me the same question 5 times.  I’m sorry you’re drunk and can’t remember what happened 2 seconds ago.

Rule #3: Stop telling me your mom’s birthday is the day after mine. It’s getting creepy.

Rule #4: If I don’t answer my cell phone after five calls, don’t leave me a message. Just STOP CALLING ME! I gave you my number so I could walk away without you insulting me. Not because I liked you.


I stole this! April 1, 2008

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I won’t even hide the fact that I stole this idea from the ever so cool Catie. But, her list is really awesome! Although I won’t put “get engaged” on my list, I can come up with a few things. First, I’ll start off by reviewing my goals for 2008, which were a little different from my really general goals here.

08 Goals (the unabridged version) 


  1.  Take Tashar to Disneyland for his birthday (I’m x-ing this, we’ll wait until he turns 5)
  2. Call people! (been kind good at this.)
  3. Figure out what I want in a relationship and go for it! (been doing that since Jan. 1st…lol…at least I know what I want now; just gotta let life happen – remember I’m OUT of the game!)
  4. Meet my sales goal (getting there)
  5. Work my way out of debt
  6. Map out what it takes to become: a teacher, professional photographer, professional writer
  7. Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes
  8. Exercise: Jan – 2 days a week; Feb – 3 days a week, March – 4 days a week;the balance of the year 5 days a week (working on it….really I am…lol)
  9. Take another dance class
  10. Learn conversational Spanish
  11. Learn conversational French
  12. Take a copy editing class
  13. Get published again
  14. Start working on my non-fiction masterpiece
  15. Enter a photo contest
  16. Travel to: SoCal in April (happening in 2 weeks); NYC in May (still gotta buy that plane ticket); NC and TX, one in June, the other in July, SoCal in August to see the new baby

That’s them, my initial goals.  Next post will be all the things I want to do in the next 274 days.




The Tate Manifesto:CRAZY NEED NOT APPLY! March 10, 2008

I will never, EVER forget why I changed my cell phone number when confronted with the reason why I did it.

Confronted as in he’s standing right in front of me won’t leave me alone.

I’m no longer accepting applications! Please leave me alone. I’m working on my cat lady persona. That takes a lot of energy. Energy I can not waste hiding from you.


The Tate Manifesto: Have to vs. Want to February 6, 2008

With today being Ash Wednesday, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Since I was raised Roman Catholic Ash Wednesday has always meant the start of “No Meat” Fridays (along with no meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday; and sometimes Holy Thursday and Holy Saturday for good measure) and 40 days of sacrifice.

When I was younger I would dread giving up something for 40 whole days. It would be something I didn’t really favor that much, like chocolate (there was a time when I HATED chocolate). I gave it up because I HAD to not because I wanted to.

Then last year happened. For the first time in about 5 or 7 years (but who’s counting) I went to Ash Wednesday church services with a group of coworkers. I was reminded that the reason I abstain, fast, and repent is because I want to honor the 40 days and 40 nights Jesus fasted and prayed before spreading the word of God. If Jesus did it for me I can do it for him!

No, I’m not going to go around spreading the word of God; I do that everyday through my beliefs and morals and how I project them into the world. But I will abstain from a number of things this Lenten season:

  1. No meat on Fridays (the standard, I do this every year)
  2. No caffeine (I started this last month, so I’ll keep it going)
  3. No high fructose corn syrup (may seem VERY random, but it’s not)
  4. No alcohol
  5. No fast food

I WANT to give these things up. I want to clear my body of things it does not need; things that make it (me) some degree of unhealthy. None of the above are vices for me (well maybe the high fructose corn syrup), but they are inhibitors of one kind or another. Inhibitors = BAD!

So, the moral of the story: Do things/follow traditions because you want to not because you have to. You’ll be a happier person for it.