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Me cook? Sure, why not. November 27, 2008

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Here are a few truths about Dianna:

-she loves shoes (see this post)

-she loves purses (see this post)

-she doesn’t like to cook (see the post you’re currently reading)

-she enjoys taking care of people

The last two truths have been getting in the way of each other. As I get into older age (the big 30 is around the corner) I find myself wanting to cook as a means of taking care of the people in my life.  But I don’t like to cook. It’s a long and sorted story as to why, but I would rather clean my house than cook. Clean toilets than cook. Hand wash dishes than cook. But something inside of me is saying, “Dianna, cook!” I hear it everyday now.  Little voice go away. Please!


I always get the question, “How do you feed your son if you don’t cook?”  And my answer always is, “I cook for him but not myself.” He’s 4 and really easy to cook for.  Me on the other hand, I’m not so easy to cook for.  I’m rather picky. I don’t really like chicken. I don’t like turkey (unless it’s smoked or ground).  And I try to avoid gluten and dairy.  It’s just easier to pick something up at Trader Joe’s.

But, over the past month I’ve had the desire to cook.  I made a casserole out of left overs in the fridge. It was really good (and I’m not the only one who ate it!).  I made the mac and cheese casserole tonight for our Thanksgiving dinner. And I’m making brownies (from scratch) and maybe fudge (for the first time) tomorrow. Maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it’s my desire to not starve that’s driving me to cook. I’m not sure.  But if my friends keep letting me use them as guinea pigs, I’ll keep cooking.

Give me a year…


But my kitchen will NEVER look like that.


Running out of Time! November 4, 2008

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My 2008 Goals are still looking at me from a distance. Let’s look at my progress since this September posting. All updates are in pink. 😛

  1. Take Tashar to Disneyland for his birthday (I’m x-ing this, we’ll wait until he turns 5)
  2. Call people! (been kind good at this.) I TOTALLY SUCK AT THIS…lol. Still suck at this!
  3. Figure out what I want in a relationship and go for it! (been doing that since Jan. 1st…lol…at least I know what I want now; just gotta let life happen – remember I’m OUT of the game!) I still have no idea what I want, but I’ve added to the list of things I know I DON’T want. That list is getting pretty deep. I know now! Can you hear my happiness. 2009 is going to be interesting. I’m changing the game…lol
  4. Meet my sales goal (getting there). Not a goal anymore, switched jobs.
  5. Work my way out of debt. WORKING ON IT! ) AWESOMENESS – will have one credit card paid off next week! I’m making good progress.
  6. Map out what it takes to become: a teacher, professional photographer, professional writer. HAVEN’T EVEN HAD TIME TO DO THIS. Yeah, haven’t done this; but I am working on a few projects that will let me work on things I love for a living (at at least I hope so)!
  7. Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. Got off to a good start; I use the time between laying in the bed and falling asleep. I stopped doing this; I need to start up again.
  8. Exercise: Jan – 2 days a week; Feb – 3 days a week, March – 4 days a week;the balance of the year 5 days a week (working on it….really I am…lol). SURE, I stopped working on this, but I started again yesterday – I can’t fit into my clothes! I’ve worked out a total of 5 times in the span of a month. BAD DIANNA! I’ve been trying. I need to make myself work out. I have to!
  9. Take another dance class. Still have time! I’m “making” my friend Owen take Salsa with me, but I haven’t found a class yet. Yeah, no such luck. OWEN! Find us a class.
  10. Learn conversational Spanish. No progress….yet. Not yet, maybe next year? lol
  11. Learn conversational French. Checked out books from the library. Will check them out again, soon. ) Yeah, I’m helping my son with his French. That counts.
  12. Take a copy editing class. Not yet. Maybe Bethro can teach me. 🙂
  13. Get published again. Haven’t even tried. The creative writing part of my brain is broken! One of my friends really inspired me today to get back to my writing. Plus I have no job so I have plenty of time to write. I guess that is the silver lining.
  14. Start working on my non-fiction masterpiece. Any ideas, anyone? Non-fiction scares me. I actually started. I have 3 pages so far. 🙂
  15. Enter a photo contest. ummmm……nope. Not yet. NOPE
  16. Travel to: SoCal in April (happening in 2 weeks) CHECK ; NYC in May (still gotta buy that plane ticket) CHECK ; NC and TX, one in June, the other in July MISSED THOSE TRIPS, SoCal in August to see the new baby NOT YET, that will happen next month. Haven’t seen my niece yet; i was sick for like 6 weeks. I’ll be happy to see her during the holidays!

Job Search: Day 8

Slow day.

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

But enjoy my favorite clip from my favorite movie:


Job Search: Day 1 October 27, 2008

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I am marking today as Day 1 in my quest for a new job. I’m feeling ok about applying for new jobs, but it’s still no fun. I have a diverse set of skills and usually have a hard time nailing down what I want to pursue.

I’m exploring all kinds of opportunities, with an eye out for any and all writing jobs and internships. Here’s what I’ve applied for today:

  1. Media and Traffic Coordinator
  2. Customer Content Manager (actually involves some writing!)
  3. Online Sales and Operations Account Manager

That’s it for now. I’m kind of tired and am in need of a pity nap…lol.


Because we HAVE to… October 13, 2008

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When: This Thursday

Where: SF

With Whom: Mr. Yee

Because we have to!


My World: Undecided

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I can now freely admit this: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE.

Here are my issues:

  1. Every job I’ve had for the last 5 years has not made me happy.  But I have no idea what I want to be doing but I’m compiling a hefty list of what I don’t want to be doing.
  2. My last relationship failed horribly.  I don’t want that to happen ever again, but life goes on and I can’t be scared for the rest of my life.
  3. I’m scared to be in a relationship; so  I protect my heart at all costs.  But that is getting lonely and old.
  4. I want to make a change, but don’t know what they change will be or how that change will take place.  I usually make major changes when something in my life prompts me to do so.  Nothing is prompting me right now and I’m starting to lose my mind a little bit.
  5. I can’t seem to accomplish my simple goal of working out everyday.  If I can’t do that how am I suppose to accomplish my other goals?

I’m sure there are plenty more I can lament about, but I won’t.  Being at a crossroads SUCKS…I just need myself to make up her mind.


Maybe I’ll keep this up September 24, 2008

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Exercise sucks. Point blank – it sucks.

But after my 30 minutes on the treadmill and 200 crunches I feel really energized. And hungry, even though I just ate. Lately I’ve been gorging myself; I eat so much that I am physically too full to move.  I just lay in the bed and try not to barf all over the place (ok it’s not that bad but it feels like it). But, lately all my laying around is slowing me down.  My age is catching up to me!

For people who know me, I’m usually the skinniest person in the room.  So for me to complain about my slowing metabolism or me hating to exercise makes no sense to my friends.  But, I will declare I’m getting older and my days of not exercising and staying the same size at all are pretty much over.

It’s over….and that sucks more than exercising.