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Goals, 2008 edition December 9, 2007

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Setting goals motivates me. Last year I committed to make 2007 SO MUCH BETTER than 2006. And boy, was it. I can honestly say I have nothing to complain about, nothing major at least. 2007 was the “Year of Dianna”. I took a salsa class, by myself (that’s REALLY not like me). I just showed up to class and danced with whatever guy was there. I applied for a job I’d been thinking about applying to for a year; and I got the job and subsequently moved away from my friends and family. I walked the Bay to Breakers (12k), while pushing my son in his stroller (I was sore for about a week). I took chances in my dating life and have no regrets. Sure, I’m still single, but that’s my choice. Why settle into something I’m not really into? That’s just asking for trouble. I just basically threw out all my reservations and just went for a lot. And I got a lot.

So, the moral of this posting, set goals to challenge and pull yourself out of your comfort zone. And because I’m super helpful, here are some tips on how to formulate your goals (for the full version, check out:

  1. Make sure the goal you are working for is something you really want, not just something that sounds good.
  2. A goal can not contradict any of your other goals.
  3. Develop goals in the 6 areas of life: Family and Home, Financial and Career, Spiritual and Ethical, Physical and Health, Social and Cultural, Mental and Educational.
  4. Write your goal in the positive instead of the negative.
  5. Write your goal out in complete detail.
  6. By all means, make sure your goal is high enough.
  7. This is the most important, write down your goals.

And to add some words of wisdom from my sister, “If you don’t meet a goal, just add it the next year’s list of goals.” Good idea, big sis. Now I don’t feel so bad about not reading a new book every month.

Happy Holidays everyone. See you in 2008 (unless I have a great urge to post before the new year)! But if you really need a fix (lol), check out my photo blog: As You Leave Me. I post new pictures almost everyday.


Sittin… August 7, 2007

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It’s an interesting experience to sit in the airport and people watch on a Monday night. As I sit here, listening to Corrine Bailey Rae, I look around and wonder what each person’s “state of relationship is”. Corrine makes me reflect on all things love and relationships. So of course I have no choice but to reflect on my “state of relationship”.

It’s not like a fancy the “State of the Union” speech. But, if I had to give it a shot, my “state of relationship” would go something like this:
“Yes, it’s been a hard couple of years, but things are looking up. And my 5 step action plan will put us in the right direction. Step 1: NEVER, EVER relax your standards EVER again. It only leads down a long dark road I prefer not travel. Step 2: If a potential suitor has no life plan, then it’s a no go. I have a had enough time planning my life and working that plan, I don’t need to figure out his too. Step 3: It’s okay for not to be in a relationship. I’ve been a serial relationship-ist since I was 16 years old. I think it’s time for me to take a slight break. Step 4: Don’t make impulse decisions. It takes so much time and effort to recover from them. Step 5: I will love myself, completely, flaws and all. If I don’t love me, I can’t expect to love anyone else, fully, and have them love me unconditionally. As you will come to see in the upcoming months, this plan will work, as long as we give it out all and make no excuses for not following it.”

So, there you have it, my”state of relationship”. What’s yours?