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it’s worked so far

It starts right now February 6, 2009

GOODNESS! I’ve felt like  saying every cuss word know to man this week.  And I’ve been breaking most of my 50 rules for 2009.

So starting now, I’m back on track.

If you see me giving you the side eye it’s because you probably made me break a rule and I don’t like you for it. But, don’t worry I’ll get over it. Eventually.


I kicks it old school January 18, 2009

Ok, I don’t. But I like the way it sounds.

I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming vegetarian for Lent this year. Last year I gave up way too much and set myself up for failure.  I tried but really didn’t try to stick to these goals.   So this year to redeem myself and show REAL self control I’ll be going semi-vegetarian. Here’s what I will not be eating: mammalian meat, poultry (excluding chicken and ground turkey), bottom feeding  fish, and shellfish.

I guess that will make me a mix between a Pollotarianism and a Pescetarianis.

I will also be trying my best to stay away from food that I’m allergic to: dairy (mostly milk) and  gluten (most breads and grains).

Lent starts Ash Wednesday (February 25th) and ends Holy Saturday (April 11th).  Wish me luck.


I’m boring January 16, 2009

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It’s Friday night at 8:18pm.  I’m home, painting my nails and watching t.v. #47 = done!

It’s official I’m boring.   I’ll be using tomorrow night to make up for the snore fest the last 3 hours of my life has been.


boooooo January 5, 2009

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I don’t have my journal yet, so I have to blog my first offenses. Yes people I meant to make that plural.

I had a long and exhausting day. By about 230pm my eyes were glazed over and I was in a really bad mood. That lasted until about 530pm.  Rule #29 BROKEN.

I also broke #48, 36, 24, 16, and 11.

My excuse: It’s Monday. Mondays can take a hike.


The Rules January 2, 2009

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For 2009 I will live by 50 main rules (and off shoots of those rules). #1 and #2 are already out there, but here is the whole list.   I will be keeping an offline journal to keep track of how I follow or break my rules.  If anything fun pops up I will post it.

On your marks, get set, GO!:

1. Get my retailing under control

2. Don’t be pushy

3. Only do it if it makes me happy

4. Don’t be a perfectionist…failure is sometimes okay

5. Don’t internalize…no one likes a grumpy Dianna

6. Don’t do things out of boredom

7. Be 100% honest…with myself

8. If I want it, put it out there

9. Make it count

10. Complain less about things I can’t control

11. Don’t complain about things I have control over

12. Give and Take – make sure I do my part and they do theirs

13. Let go…and allow myself to be taken care of sometimes

14. Don’t downplay myself

15. Don’t blow myself out of proportion

16. Find the positive

17. Just be

18. Don’t do it tomorrow, do it today

19. Accept my faults….embrace them or improve them

20. Keep all my eggs OUT of one basket

21. Be my own best friend

22. Blame only myself…when I’m trying to find someone to blame

23. Don’t burden others with my excuses

24. Don’t be obsessive

25. Don’t blame the economy on my tough times…unless I lose my job again

26. Enjoy my successes

27. Accept outcomes…when I know I did 100% of what I could do

28. Really understand my wants versus my needs

29. 30 minutes to be down, depressed, or angry…then move on

30. Accpet my current life and stop looking for my path…it will come in time

31. Fight an urge with another urge

32. Be more dependent on people

33. Be less dependent on my parents

34. Find resources for EVERYTHING

35. Take risks

36. Be disconnected from the world sometimes…twitter, text messages, emails,and facebook will still be there

37. Take 30 for myself and give 30 to someone else…it can be anything

38. Indecisive is okay

39. Unfocused is not okay

40. Stop living in my own world

41. Express myself how I want….but in productive ways

42. Give advice only when asked

43. Don’t wait to be found

44. Don’t be complicated…because my life really isn’t

45. Embrace me

46. Attention for attention sake is not good.

47. Be bored sometimes

48. Be less attached to my cell phone

49. Say yes

50. Be the change



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I’ve been working on my list of 209 things to do in 2009 and decided to give that it’s own blog page (as to not clutter the clutter already here).


At least now you’ll know what I’m doing. 🙂


It continues today

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Life change number two:  Stop being (so) pushy.

I like getting my way….I like rushing into things…I like being persistent.

But I will work towards being less pushy. Key words “work towards”.