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I’m here with Rush January 27, 2009

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What Bush Did Right:

  1. Gave us the first federal level ban on racial profiling
  2. Protected America from further territory attacks
  3. Cut Taxes
  4. Created a path for the Iraqi people to survive after Saddam
  5. Afghan women and girls to have basis freedoms
  6. Tripled aid to Africa
  7. No Child Left Behind
  8. Protected more ocean than anyone in history
  9. Opening federal funding for human-embryonic stem cell research
  10. Ban on partial birth abortions

Some articles of note about things I’m troubled by:

Gitmo trials being halted

Lifting Ban on Overseas Abortion

Geithner on Failing to Pay taxes


2 Responses to “I’m here with Rush”

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  2. beth Says:

    Ha ha! NCLB needs to go down in history as the worst thing to happen to education since…well, I can’t think of anything worse.

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