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A little bit of space never hurts January 5, 2009

Filed under: dating — Dianna @ 8:27 pm

Why is that always the excuse when things are going toward the path of seriousness.

I was watching The City and Jay, the guy Whitney is “dating” or thinks she is, tells his friend things are moving too fast so he decided not to go to a dinner party Whitney asked him to attend with her.  And his friend says “A little bit of space never hurts.”  Jay never tells Whitney that he feels like this. He just tells her he can’t go  because he doesn’t like the people who will be in attendance.

And the next episode Jay tells his friend he will not  stop dating other people until Whitney says she wants to do the same thing. DAMN THAT!  Whitney don’t give in.  I wish you could hear what he was saying behind your back.

So here’s my rule. Do what you want until you feel like you are ready to not see other people.  If it’s right the other person will do the same thing at about the same time – and there will be a conversation had about it.

Or you can just be upfront and say, “Hey, I am not seeing other people because I am really into you.  I want you to do the same.  But if you are not, NEITHER AM I!”

It’s called keeping it real in 2009.


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