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Get Over It December 30, 2008

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Yes I changed my theme, again.

It’s 24 hours and 35 minutes until 2009, gotta start rolling out the changes.


I eat caviar with a plastic spoon

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That’s my favorite quote from 2008.

It’s also from a pretty awesome friend of mine.  this quotes makes me want to change; see things differently, do things differently.  MAKE 2009 DIFFERENT.  LIFE CHANGING AWESOMELY DIFFERENT.  And yes, I’m yelling.

2006>2007>2008 all different.  But I want 2009 to be life changing different.

Stay tuned…more updates on my mind blowing plan for 2009 to come.


No internets in these parts December 18, 2008

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So, I’m all moved into my place, but I have no internet connection. Not until next Tuesday!

Blogging via my phone sucks! I’ll be back to business sometime next week.


So I have this friend… December 11, 2008

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Who is super talented on the music front.  He shares his new songs with me every so often. I tease him by telling him that when he performs I better be the ONLY one who knows the words.  NO music sharing with anyone else!

His name is Felix and here is a link to his purevolume page! He changes up the tunes every so often, so be sure to visit frequently!


P.S. if you happen to see me and Felix in Half Moon Bay, ask no questions. Just go with it.  LOL


Ornamental Things

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Shopping is one of my favorite things to do. But shopping for jewerly is my ALL TIME favotire thing to do.

I’ve been on the site Ornamental Things way too much these days; but her stuff rocks! Check it out!


Post Number 100!

To celebrate post number 100 I feel it is my duty to tell you about a SUPER sale!

Every morning I get an email tailored to my shopping (and savings) wants. Here’s what peeked my interest today:

You can purchase this awesome jacket here from Bloomingdale’s for a little under$55 (and that includes estimated shipping and tax!). The key is to enter the code SAVEMORE at checkout.

Happy Shopping!

Oh and if anyone wants to buy this for me I take a small/medium.

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Hi Everyone!

In addition to writing this fantastic machine of a blog, I’m now a contributor over at   Check it out!  My first post should be up sometime in the next few days.