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Goals, 2008 Edition – Final Review! November 28, 2008

Filed under: 2008 goals,all about me! — Dianna @ 12:25 am

It’s almost time to finalize my goals for 2009. Let’s review for the LAST time my goals (and what I didn’t accomplish) from 2008. All updates are now in blue.

  1. Take Tashar to Disneyland for his birthday (I’m x-ing this, we’ll wait until he turns 5)
  2. Call people! (been kind good at this.) I TOTALLY SUCK AT THIS…lol. Still suck at this! Yeah, I’m going to give this another year to settle in.
  3. Figure out what I want in a relationship and go for it! (been doing that since Jan. 1st…lol…at least I know what I want now; just gotta let life happen – remember I’m OUT of the game!) I still have no idea what I want, but I’ve added to the list of things I know I DON’T want. That list is getting pretty deep. I know now! Can you hear my happiness. 2009 is going to be interesting. I’m changing the game…lol Happy to report I still know what I want and I’m PERFECTLY happy. So this is DONE!
  4. Meet my sales goal (getting there). Not a goal anymore, switched jobs.
  5. Work my way out of debt. WORKING ON IT! ) AWESOMENESS – will have one credit card paid off next week! I’m making good progress. This will be a goal until I’m debt free! But I’m hacking away at it all!
  6. Map out what it takes to become: a teacher, professional photographer, professional writer. HAVEN’T EVEN HAD TIME TO DO THIS. Yeah, haven’t done this; but I am working on a few projects that will let me work on things I love for a living (at at least I hope so)! I will focus actually getting paid to write; an awesome goal for 2009.
  7. Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. Got off to a good start; I use the time between laying in the bed and falling asleep. I stopped doing this; I need to start up again. Ummm….yeah I totally forgot about this AGAIN.
  8. Exercise: Jan – 2 days a week; Feb – 3 days a week, March – 4 days a week;the balance of the year 5 days a week (working on it….really I am…lol). SURE, I stopped working on this, but I started again yesterday – I can’t fit into my clothes! I’ve worked out a total of 5 times in the span of a month. BAD DIANNA! I’ve been trying. I need to make myself work out. I have to! HA! Working out is in the back of my mind; and it’s staying there. I have to join a gym or enroll in classes.  I work from home now, so I really have no excuse!
  9. Take another dance class. Still have time! I’m “making” my friend Owen take Salsa with me, but I haven’t found a class yet. Yeah, no such luck. OWEN! Find us a class. Didn’t happen. And I don’t feel so bad about that.
  10. Learn conversational Spanish. No progress….yet. Not yet, maybe next year? lol Unless I’m going to Mexico, I’m not really going to do this.  Someone plan a Mexico trip!
  11. Learn conversational French. Checked out books from the library. Will check them out again, soon. ) Yeah, I’m helping my son with his French. That counts. Thoes books never made it back to my house. I did eat the best crepe ever about a month ago, I think that counts.
  12. Take a copy editing class. Not yet. Maybe Bethro can teach me. ) Per Bethro, I’m amazing and don’t need this skill. Just kidding; but I am amazing!
  13. Get published again. Haven’t even tried. The creative writing part of my brain is broken! One of my friends really inspired me today to get back to my writing. Plus I have no job so I have plenty of time to write. I guess that is the silver lining.  Still working on; this will be a 2009 goal.
  14. Start working on my non-fiction masterpiece. Any ideas, anyone? Non-fiction scares me. I actually started. I have 3 pages so far. ) I still have 3 pages…..
  15. Enter a photo contest. ummmm……nope. Not yet. NOPE Crossing off the list. My heart is in writing.
  16. Travel to: SoCal in April (happening in 2 weeks) CHECK ; NYC in May (still gotta buy that plane ticket) CHECK ; NC and TX, one in June, the other in July MISSED THOSE TRIPS, SoCal in August to see the new baby NOT YET, that will happen next month. Haven’t seen my niece yet; i was sick for like 6 weeks. I’ll be happy to see her during the holiday. Going to NC on Dec 12th! YAY! And will see the little cutie pie around Christmas.

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