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Lemme give this a try November 12, 2008

Filed under: music: on repeat — Dianna @ 10:38 pm

I want to write a music review.  When, who knows. But I will start with John Legend’s new album Evolver.


I’m going to take a crash course in music reviewing and should have a post up in about a week!

And, P.S. I want John Legend tickets for an early birthday present.  He’ll be at the Paramount Theater on Jan. 12th! Tell your friends and neighbors I make a fantastic date.


2 Responses to “Lemme give this a try”

  1. Catie R Says:

    Oooh! Thanks for the heads up about the date. 🙂 I keep missing him when he stops in town!

  2. Jess Says:

    Nick actually writes music reviews a decent amount if you need to bounce anything off him! I like how I’m just offering his services up 🙂

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