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Tag: I’m it, You’re it, We’re all it! November 8, 2008

Filed under: random — Dianna @ 7:49 pm

So, I FINALLY got tagged!


Here goes it:


  • Link to the person who tagged me 
  • Mention the rules
  • Reveal six quirky yet boring, mundane, banal and pedestrian facts about yourself
  • Tag six other bloggers by linking to them
  • Go to each of their blogs and leave a message letting them know they’ve been tagged!

Dianna Part Deux:

  • My hair is actually reddish brown. I look in the mirror everyday and know such things
  • I really can’t spell.  Promise, ask anyone who IM’s with me.
  • I’m shy. Yes, believe it or not.
  • I’ve always wanted a full back tattoo.
  • I wore braces for 4 years, had to have the roof of my mouth widened, and had 7 teeth pulled . OUCH!
  • I have a plethora of words I can’t pronounce because of the “roof of mouth” widening device I wore for a year.

So, I have no idea who to tag…Bethro took all the people who wouldn’t mind me tagging them..but I will tag Owen. Get to it OTrain!


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