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Maybe I’ll keep this up September 24, 2008

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Exercise sucks. Point blank – it sucks.

But after my 30 minutes on the treadmill and 200 crunches I feel really energized. And hungry, even though I just ate. Lately I’ve been gorging myself; I eat so much that I am physically too full to move.  I just lay in the bed and try not to barf all over the place (ok it’s not that bad but it feels like it). But, lately all my laying around is slowing me down.  My age is catching up to me!

For people who know me, I’m usually the skinniest person in the room.  So for me to complain about my slowing metabolism or me hating to exercise makes no sense to my friends.  But, I will declare I’m getting older and my days of not exercising and staying the same size at all are pretty much over.

It’s over….and that sucks more than exercising.


2008 Goals, revisted September 21, 2008

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I need a check-up. Of my 2008 Goals.

Let’s see how I’ve done so far:

  1. Take Tashar to Disneyland for his birthday (I’m x-ing this, we’ll wait until he turns 5)
  2. Call people! (been kind good at this.) I TOTALLY SUCK AT THIS…lol
  3. Figure out what I want in a relationship and go for it! (been doing that since Jan. 1st…lol…at least I know what I want now; just gotta let life happen – remember I’m OUT of the game!) I still have no idea what I want, but I’ve added to the list of things I know I DON’T want. That list is getting pretty deep.
  4. Meet my sales goal (getting there). Not a goal anymore, switched jobs.
  5. Work my way out of debt. WORKING ON IT! 🙂
  6. Map out what it takes to become: a teacher, professional photographer, professional writer. HAVEN’T EVEN HAD TIME TO DO THIS.
  7. Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes. Got off to a good start; I use the time between laying in the bed and falling asleep.
  8. Exercise: Jan – 2 days a week; Feb – 3 days a week, March – 4 days a week;the balance of the year 5 days a week (working on it….really I am…lol). SURE, I stopped working on this, but I started again yesterday – I can’t fit into my clothes!
  9. Take another dance class.  Still have time! I’m “making” my friend Owen take Salsa with me, but I haven’t found a class yet.
  10. Learn conversational Spanish. No progress….yet.
  11. Learn conversational French. Checked out books from the library. Will check them out again, soon. 🙂
  12. Take a copy editing class. Not yet.
  13. Get published again. Haven’t even tried.  The creative writing part of my brain is broken!
  14. Start working on my non-fiction masterpiece. Any ideas, anyone? Non-fiction scares me.
  15. Enter a photo contest. ummmm……nope. Not yet.
  16. Travel to: SoCal in April (happening in 2 weeks) CHECK ; NYC in May (still gotta buy that plane ticket) CHECK ; NC and TX, one in June, the other in July MISSED THOSE TRIPS, SoCal in August to see the new baby NOT YET, that will happen next month.

It’s not looking too good on the goal side of things. I really need to print this out so I can look at it everyday.


Google Me Baby!

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So I decided to Google myself.  No interesting stuff under Dianna T. – other than Google thinking I spelled my first name wrong.  But here is what I found out about myself: I’m on LinkedIn, Facebook and  Classmates (not really me), and The Tate Way is an AWESOME blog.

I’m pretty boring.  So now I’m just going to Google people I know. It like to call it Google shadowing. It’s kind of like MySpace shadowing


No idea.

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I haven’t been able to write. Not one creative word.  My mind is blocked. This happens to me every so often.  But it’s really bad when I’m tired.  And I’ve been tired for what feels like the last 6 months.

Here is how my brain works: random conversations and experiences convert into awesomely funny blog posts.

Here is how my brain has been working: blog worthy stuff happens and I CAN’T even put it in words.  I can’t even make stories up!  It’s driving me crazy.  C.R.A.Z.Y.

So, I have no idea what to write about. Other than to say I hope I get un-tired. Un-tired enough to go out and have something blog worthy happen to me so I can write about it. Please.

When I can’t even write about my experience at the Janet Jackson concert last weekend, then I know the writing part of my brain is BROKEN.