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ESTY Shop: As You Leave Me August 31, 2008

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So, I finally started an Esty shop!  My favorite knitter suggested I do this a looooong time ago.  So check it out.

There are only a few photos up, I’ll have more soon.  Check it out!

As You Leave Me


Dianna’s Guide to Finding… August 29, 2008

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A Single Girl’s Guide.

It’s been kinda hard. I’d like to find one that doesn’t treat being single like a plague. I like being single.  Let me rephrase, I’ve liked being single for the last year or so. Before that, being single SUCKED.  But now being single means I know me, I love me, I need me, and no one can replace me.  Being single means loving the life I make for myself and not freaking out every time I read something about how to catch a man.

So my suggestion on finding a single girl’s guide: don’t.  Just make it up as you go.


Working like CRAZY August 27, 2008

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Been working like a mad woman lately, but it’s been not so bad. 🙂

My workgroup has been working so hard to get our revamped loft bed site.  Check it out!  All the products are great and the redesign has made a world of difference! The store manager did an awesome job!