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Why I loved “Glow in the Dark” May 13, 2008

Filed under: music: on repeat,random — Dianna @ 8:25 pm

My FANTASTIC friend, Chelle invited me to go to the Kayne West concert back in April.  AND I SO LOVED IT!  I missed Lupe’s performance (so sad about that!) because he went on first. First?!?!?!?! All bad.

But, I now love N.E.R.D. Pharrell is AWESOME.  He dances all crazy and I live the rock/rap edge.  Check out their performance on David Letterman over at Tha Feedback.

And of course, Kanye was good. But I wanted more!  I wanted Lupe to jump onto the stage/rock/planet/spaceship thing and join in on “Touch the Sky”.

Maybe next time, I’m trying to go to see the crew again in June.


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