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Life – a little update May 21, 2008

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It’s a surprising thing. I’ve been in the new job for about 4 weeks and have been making strides left and right.  Start-ups are cool things.  My ideas get heard and they get implemented.  Pretty awesome.  But there is also a flip side.  My phone didn’t really work today…lol. I’m so use to the BIG BAD corporate world of everything works most of the time or if it doesn’t there are 50 IT folks working on it.

Dating is pretty not existent.  First, I don’t have time – I’m pulling 10-11 hour days most of my work week. Second, no comment (but my usual comment).  And third, I’m not looking.  Feels good not to. I’m just coasting along enjoying the scenery and the time I get to spend with the gals.

My family is awesome.  My little boy will be four in August, my niece will be born in August (and my sister is SUPER cute pregnant), my brother got his MBA from Columbia, and my cousin is awesome as always. Love is a great and binding thing and it makes me smile everyday.

That’s it, for now. Since I can’t seem to meet up with most of my friends, I suppose this post will have to do.


Why I loved “Glow in the Dark” May 13, 2008

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My FANTASTIC friend, Chelle invited me to go to the Kayne West concert back in April.  AND I SO LOVED IT!  I missed Lupe’s performance (so sad about that!) because he went on first. First?!?!?!?! All bad.

But, I now love N.E.R.D. Pharrell is AWESOME.  He dances all crazy and I live the rock/rap edge.  Check out their performance on David Letterman over at Tha Feedback.

And of course, Kanye was good. But I wanted more!  I wanted Lupe to jump onto the stage/rock/planet/spaceship thing and join in on “Touch the Sky”.

Maybe next time, I’m trying to go to see the crew again in June.