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SO out of the Loop April 30, 2008

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It’s week 2 of the new job.  I feel I’m digging in nicely, already picking up a little slack.  And I was even called SUPER HUMAN.  I’m so happy someone has finally realized this.

But, the problem with a new job, a move, getting the boy settled in his new school, and a crazy commute is that I have no idea what is going on in my friends worlds.  I have to read their blogs to get glimpses of their lives (that’s if they update them in a timely fashion…).

Maybe after my trip to NYC I’ll be back in the loop. Maybe. Or I can continue to be SUPER HUMAN and rock the world of order management.  Oh the choices.

Oh and does anyone need one and a half roommates?  We’re a fun crowd.


One Response to “SO out of the Loop”

  1. Bethro Says:

    I was going to email today to ask how the job and apartment hunt were. So? How are they?

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