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It’s Spring! March 19, 2008

Filed under: 2008 goals,5k,dating — Dianna @ 11:16 pm

It’s official: IT’S SPRING. Thank goodness, winter was starting to annoy me.

Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate:

1. Deleting phone numbers out of my phone. I don’t need to talk to “him” ever again. If you’re afraid of accidentally answering one of “those” calls, just change their name to “NO”. I made that mistake tonight and answered a text that I really didn’t mean to answer…GOOD TIMES…lol.

2. Turning off the “I’m online” icon on my MySpace profile. You don’t need to see me. My profile is set to private for a reason. No randoms, please.

3. Making myself get over the “I’m too tired to exercise” syndrome. I have a 5k to run in 2 months. Yeah, it’s only 3 miles, but I plan to run it all out and make grown men cry (because we know I can).

4. Throwing out all my oversized, or stained, or undersized, or just plain ugly clothes.

5. Getting out of “the game”. I’m serious this time. If I run into him, I do. I’m not looking ANYMORE. It’s mad tiring. But I will be giving all of my friends business cards with my picture on it, so they can do the looking for me (I never said my friends weren’t in the game for

6. Cutting my hair??? I’m very tempted. But I’m kind of attached to this mop.

7. Giving the side eye to people who deserve it. Check out this one at Afro Bella. HA!

8. Working on becoming a “real” blogger on a “real” site. I’m almost there…I’ll be sure to share when it actually happens.

9. Sharing some spring dating tips (which are my basic tips): keep it light, keep it simple, know when to cut your loses, and keep it moving! And buy lots of cute outfits for all those potential dates. I did! Here’s my favorite of the bunch (it has pockets & I love pockets on skirts and dresses):


Photos courtesy of Nordstrom

3 Responses to “It’s Spring!”

  1. Jean Says:

    Sort of like New Year’s Resolutions but with a Spring cleaning twist, eh? I like it.
    Also, I need to seed those “business” cards. Seriously Dianna, Glamourshots? C’mon now!
    Wait. Are you giving me the side eye? Girl…

  2. Beth Says:

    You would totally rock that dress.

    Clearly I’m not hip (we all knew that), but when did the stink eye become the side eye? Or is one full on and the other not? Or is it just new generations inventing new words for old ideas?

    I’ll stick with the stink eye, since I know I am doing it right. I’d probably look like a 60-y-o in that sundress giving the side eye.

  3. Anna Jarzab Says:

    Aw, you’re a real blogger to me! Speaking of blogs, I have a new one to celebrate getting a literary agent to represent my novel… TTYL, lady!

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