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When random runs amuck March 13, 2008

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+Lupe Fiasco is NOT the writer of The Lupe Fiasco Show. But he gave a nice little shout out to the blog at the end of “Fighters” – my FAVORITE song on “The Cool” album.

+ If you put the word poop at the end of a word, phrase, or sentence it just makes everything funnier. Ask Tashar.

+ Daylight savings is the BEST. I got to play soccer with Tashar when we got home today. He can bend it like Beckham.

+ I can listen to the “Thriller” album ANY DAY, ALL DAY. The original, not the 25th anniversary edition.

+ The Deathly Hallows will be two movies, instead of just one. Good idea, but I question the release date of the second movie. Check out word/play for the scoop.

+ Pregnant ladies are super cool. And forget things. A lot. Did you see the last episode of “According to Jim”? Check out “Pregnancy Brain“.
+ You know you’re bad (bad = good) when you can find a new job in a week and act like that’s normal.

+ If anyone reading this has won/is winning/or will win the lottery I get 45% of the take. Sorry, you shouldn’t have read it.

+ Sometimes I’ll be dancing and don’t even realize that I’m doing it. Makes for good conversation starters with strangers. Especially the cute male ones.

+ I want this. And this.

+ Treasure Chest Vintage is my favorite eBay store these days. I bought a pair of the cutest vintage black riding boots – all leather – for under $20 (and that included shipping).

+ When Tashar and I are avoiding bedtime we take the most interesting pictures:dscn1034.jpgdscn1033.jpgTashar the JokerTashar’s BIG Foot

Isn’t random great!


2 Responses to “When random runs amuck”

  1. Angie Says:

    Looks like Tashar is having a major wardrobe malfunction!

  2. Beth Says:

    That Tashar has a great sense of humor. I knew there was a reason he and Phil got along.

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