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I’m a fan, so I’ll post as much as I want! March 25, 2008

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I am a REALLY BIG FAN of Lupe Fisaco. His style is like none other.  NONE OTHER. Argue with me if you wish, but I stopped listening about 2 minutes ago…lol.

And because I am a fan I chose to blog about him whenever I can.  Case in point: Today.

I was over at iLL Vibes by way of The Lupe Fiasco Show and found this posting that solidified why I listen to Lupe as much as I do – he is a gifted writer.  I think rap artists often forget that the writing should come first.  Don’t get me wrong, I listen to hip-hop on the radio and listen to all the “club bangers”.  I have respect for artist that put it all on the line to do what they love.  But, as stated at iLL Vibe, some artist don’t have as much depth in their writing and style as Lupe. I am always excited to hear him on the radio. I must have almost driven off the road when “Paris/Toyko” came on the radio (thank you KMEL!).

Next thing I need to happen is for Talib Kweli to be on the radio way more often.
That’s my music $0.02 for the day.


Something new!

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I swear I’ve been trying to keep up with my daily blogging. But it’s been hard. I’ve been doing something new: writing for a blog that’s not mine! It’s so exciting and cool. So my excuse for not posting on my own blog is I have to write 4-6 posts a day for the other one.

We are in out ‘soft launch’ phase, so I can’t give you all the details (because the site isn’t finished yet). But when we have the launch party I’ll make sure you’re all invited!


It’s Spring! March 19, 2008

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It’s official: IT’S SPRING. Thank goodness, winter was starting to annoy me.

Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate:

1. Deleting phone numbers out of my phone. I don’t need to talk to “him” ever again. If you’re afraid of accidentally answering one of “those” calls, just change their name to “NO”. I made that mistake tonight and answered a text that I really didn’t mean to answer…GOOD TIMES…lol.

2. Turning off the “I’m online” icon on my MySpace profile. You don’t need to see me. My profile is set to private for a reason. No randoms, please.

3. Making myself get over the “I’m too tired to exercise” syndrome. I have a 5k to run in 2 months. Yeah, it’s only 3 miles, but I plan to run it all out and make grown men cry (because we know I can).

4. Throwing out all my oversized, or stained, or undersized, or just plain ugly clothes.

5. Getting out of “the game”. I’m serious this time. If I run into him, I do. I’m not looking ANYMORE. It’s mad tiring. But I will be giving all of my friends business cards with my picture on it, so they can do the looking for me (I never said my friends weren’t in the game for

6. Cutting my hair??? I’m very tempted. But I’m kind of attached to this mop.

7. Giving the side eye to people who deserve it. Check out this one at Afro Bella. HA!

8. Working on becoming a “real” blogger on a “real” site. I’m almost there…I’ll be sure to share when it actually happens.

9. Sharing some spring dating tips (which are my basic tips): keep it light, keep it simple, know when to cut your loses, and keep it moving! And buy lots of cute outfits for all those potential dates. I did! Here’s my favorite of the bunch (it has pockets & I love pockets on skirts and dresses):


Photos courtesy of Nordstrom

When random runs amuck March 13, 2008

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+Lupe Fiasco is NOT the writer of The Lupe Fiasco Show. But he gave a nice little shout out to the blog at the end of “Fighters” – my FAVORITE song on “The Cool” album.

+ If you put the word poop at the end of a word, phrase, or sentence it just makes everything funnier. Ask Tashar.

+ Daylight savings is the BEST. I got to play soccer with Tashar when we got home today. He can bend it like Beckham.

+ I can listen to the “Thriller” album ANY DAY, ALL DAY. The original, not the 25th anniversary edition.

+ The Deathly Hallows will be two movies, instead of just one. Good idea, but I question the release date of the second movie. Check out word/play for the scoop.

+ Pregnant ladies are super cool. And forget things. A lot. Did you see the last episode of “According to Jim”? Check out “Pregnancy Brain“.
+ You know you’re bad (bad = good) when you can find a new job in a week and act like that’s normal.

+ If anyone reading this has won/is winning/or will win the lottery I get 45% of the take. Sorry, you shouldn’t have read it.

+ Sometimes I’ll be dancing and don’t even realize that I’m doing it. Makes for good conversation starters with strangers. Especially the cute male ones.

+ I want this. And this.

+ Treasure Chest Vintage is my favorite eBay store these days. I bought a pair of the cutest vintage black riding boots – all leather – for under $20 (and that included shipping).

+ When Tashar and I are avoiding bedtime we take the most interesting pictures:dscn1034.jpgdscn1033.jpgTashar the JokerTashar’s BIG Foot

Isn’t random great!


Meditation of the Week: Slow Hands March 10, 2008

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1. Sit comfortably and shake out your hands, as if you were flinging water off your fingertips. Deepen your breath slightly. When your hands feel energized, place them on your thighs, palms facing up. Take a few moments to focus on the sensations in your hands. Feel, if you can, the pulse in your fingertips.

2. As your breath deepens, see if you can activate your belly, diaphragm, rib cage, and upper chest. Breathe deep into your belly. Fill your upper chest with air at the top of the inhalation, then see how much you can relax with each exhalation.

3. Imagine a light at the core of your being. As you breathe in, let the light pulse a little brighter. When you exhale, let it pulse a little dimmer. You can even give it a temperature or assign a color to the sensations in your belly.

4. With each breath, imagine this energy filling your chest and shoulders. Feel it flow down your arms and into your palms. Notice light and warmth filling your chest cavity, your rib cage, your arms, your hands.

5. Rest your awareness in and around your hands. Feel the air touching your palms, fingers, and thumbs. Feel the outline of your hands and the space between your fingers. When you’re ready, gently lift your hands off your body just enough to release them into the air, then let them be perfectly still. Relax your shoulders, arms, and palms.

6. Then lift your hands as slowly as possible, almost imperceptibly. Feel the smallest movement in your awareness as you continue to life your hands. See how much you can slow down. Imagine the molecules of air rolling between your fingers. See if you can slow the motion down so much that your hands feel as if they’re moving by themselves.

7. When it feels right, turn your palms toward each other. As your hands come together, pulse them ever so slowly. Imagine, if you can, the edges of the energy field between your hands. You may feel as if you’re holding a ball of pulsing energy, or as if your hands were opposite poles of a magnet. Your mind is relaxed but also aware, witnessing the flow of sensation into your hands.

8. For the next few minutes, let your hands move naturally and your mind observe the smallest details of sensation. At some point, bring your hands to a place on your body that needs healing or attention.

9. In your own time, let your hands come to rest in your lap and sit for a few more minutes in silence.

Courtesy of Yoga Journal.


The Tate Manifesto:CRAZY NEED NOT APPLY!

I will never, EVER forget why I changed my cell phone number when confronted with the reason why I did it.

Confronted as in he’s standing right in front of me won’t leave me alone.

I’m no longer accepting applications! Please leave me alone. I’m working on my cat lady persona. That takes a lot of energy. Energy I can not waste hiding from you.


Self-Serving March 4, 2008

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This is a VERY self serving post. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I had a photo shoot with my friend who is a fantastic photographer (I have 3 of his pictures hanging in my living room) and here are a few of the results:


All photos courtesy of Marc Lorenz Photography