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You know what? February 21, 2008

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After watching the democratic debate tonight (through video clips on CNN; the debate come on WAY too early tonight) I was left with two thoughts: 1. there are a lot of bloggers out there, and 2. give people Internet and a forum and they will express their opinions (no matter how uniformed and uneducated).

I was reading a few posts along with the accompanying comments sections over at CNN’s Political Ticker. Bill Schneider is an obvious Obama supporter (if he’s not a supporter, he’s a fan) and isn’t the most unbiased observer. But this is blogging and you can be as biased as you want. Each of his posts about the debate tonight is full of comments from viewers. And here is the lesson I learned tonight: No matter who the “commenter” supported they took a dig at the other candidate. Either to cheer Clinton on about her “Mr. Xerox” comment (in regards to Obama plagiarizing a speech) or to cheer Obama on about his “judgment is key on day one” comment (obviously a dig a Clinton’s vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq).

And it only gets worse when you hop over to’s political forum. To be fair, not everything is all bad over there. Just the comments I read tonight of one young lady. I’m going to chalk it up to age (she’s 19) and her passion for Hillary Clinton. Several of her comments are at best, childish. Here’s a fine example: god now i guess i have to hate beyonce too! This is racism at its worst when black people support a candidate just because is black!” This comment was a response to an article about recording another “rally” song for Obama. No where in the article does it say that is supporting Obama because he is black. Unless she has some deep insider knowledge that says the ONLY reason is supporting Obama because he is black, she needs to rethink her statement. I wonder what she said when she heard that 50 Cent is supporting Hillary Clinton (Check out the video here. *SMDH*). I’d like to see her comments on that.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of Obama supporters who trash talk Clinton up and down the street. And there are plenty of people out there that think that all women will support Clinton because she is one of us. Plenty of people were pissed when Oprah came out and supported Obama. But if I support Clinton simply because she is a woman, than I need to examine the way I think about politics and make my political decisions. On the flip side there are plenty of people who will not vote for a white woman or a black man simply because of their DNA; who cares if they can change the country.

The bottom line is that everyone of us who plans to vote November 4th for a new president and a new direction for this country is passionate about the person we are supporting. With passion comes the good and the bad.

The good: That was an AMAZING closing from Hillary Clinton. Incredibly moving, incredibly real, incredibly Presidential. (blog post)

The bad: Yay!! Bush II vs. a terrorist for president! Good job America!! (article) (SIDEBAR: Terrorist for president? Did you really just say that? Do your homework; get your facts straight. And stop offending people.)

No matter what you say or how much you bash a candidate someone else supports, you won’t sway their vote or make your vote any stronger (you only get one!), so why bother?


One Response to “You know what?”

  1. Angie T Says:

    Great comments! This is exactly why I try not to read comments on politcal blogs. Some people say the meanest and most offensive things. I honestly think some people just say things to get a rise out of others. They sit in a dark room with thier half-chewed up nails and cuticle beds wearing smurf pjs and type controversial and offensive statements in the hopes of pissing some people off. It would really make their day if that pissed off person responds to their comments and a fight begins.

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