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Daily Writing: 11-25-07 January 30, 2008

Filed under: daily writing — Dianna @ 10:56 pm

8:21. 8:21. 8:21. Stuck on this plane.

8:22. Listening to Lupe Fiasco (taking too long to spell out fiasco, I blame spell check for my horrible spelling).

8:23. It really shouldn’t take that long to type out a sentence.

8:23. Okay that’s better. Somehow being on a plane makes me have this crazy feeling of excitement and dread.

8:24. (checking over what I just typed) Excitement because I want to get to where I’m going. I love to travel. Even my bi-monthly trips to Reno, NV and Chico, CA are a little exciting. An escape from the scheduled life that I live.

8:25. That’s much better, more than one sentence in one minute. I’m sure I could rattle off more sentences if I didn’t keep spelling things wrong and actually knew how to type.

8:26. How many times can I accidentally keep hitting ‘w’ instead of ‘e’?

8:27. Futurama is playing on the overhead t.v. on the plane and Lenny Kravitz is singing in my ear.

8:28. I never knew how quickly time flew by when you are trying to maximize every minute of it. And this tray table and the reclined seat in front of me is not helping my typing.

8:29. Typing on a wobbly computer is not the easiest thing. Especially when the dude in front of me is jamming out to his music after having 3 drinks.

8:30. Another hour on the plane. Then off to pick up my car, then my child. How I miss him and his smiling face.

8:31. He would have loved to ride the airplane AND watch Transformers at the same time.

8:41. (the dude in front of me just got another drink…dude, slow down)

8:43. Finally I get something else to drink. Water has never tasted so good. Except at 2 in the morning out of the bathroom faucet. It is so sweet.

8:44. Could life be any sweeter?


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