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In Progress: The Tate Manifesto January 17, 2008

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I’ve started this post over and over again. How do you declare you are starting a New World Order, in your world? Well, that’s how. You just say it.

It has been a helluva week, to say the least. Work is in full swing or me. So that means: a) I have to fold my work/travel schedule into my life schedule; b) I have to get my son back on a real schedule; c) I have to get myself back in sync with my work schedule, his school schedule, my cooking and cleaning schedule, my maddening email schedule, and so forth; and d) I have to figure out when I’ll sleep and exercise.

I think pretty linearly. I have to have a, b and c done before I even I think about doing d. That poses a problem when I’m trying to organize myself so I can function at a less than crazy rate. I’ve been on the edge of crazy all week. I’ve had to repeat my mantra (open, honest, keep it moving) so many times that it’s a reflex now. My mind feels disorganized.

So, I started thinking about how I could prevent myself from tottering over to the crazy side. And it came to me: I NEED TO WRITE A MANIFESTO. I need to declare to the world my thoughts/needs on/for life, love, and the pursuit of my happiness.

By the end of said manifesto, I’m sure you’ll know WAY too much about me.

But, it’s for the common good right?
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