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When he stops calling January 14, 2008

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One day it just happens. He stops calling you. No warning, no reason for why (at least in your mind). But, as the caring souls that we are, we think that something horrible has happen. “Oh my God, his car ran off the road on the way over to my house.” Why else would he not show up, right? “Oh my God he MUST have gotten in an accident because he hasn’t responded to my text message I sent the other day.” Why else would he not reply back (although he doesn’t have the best track record).

Here’s my answer (the best answer to everything, dating wise): HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Learn it and Live it. Saves a lot of time. Unless he was really in a horrible accident, then you have to consider cutting him some slack.

While I was preparing to write this entry, I was doing a little internet research. I research most of my posting on dating (unless I’m just bitching). I goggled “what to do when he stops calling” and one of my search results was titled: “How to Get a Guy to Stop Calling You.” Interesting. I, personally, just stop answering the phone, but I’m working on my honesty this year, so I’ll have to face the music next time around. So, in case you were wondering here are some tips on how to get him to stop calling , courtesy of wikiHow:

  1. Adopt poor cell phone etiquette: Make him repeat everything two or three times, then respond with a disappointed “oh.” Have side conversations with people in the same room while he’s still on the line, or better yet, eat noisily while he’s talking.
  2. Tell him you’re so glad you finally found someone who likes talking on the phone so much, since your ex-boyfriend only called like three times a day. Proceed to tell a long story about how you had to argue with the shoe salesman over the price of the fabulous Gucci boots you bought earlier today.
  3. Agree to meet with him. Looking as unattractive as you are willing to be seen in public, order a lot of expensive food and drinks. Complain about the restaurant while stuffing your face. Go to the bathroom whenever he begins to tell a story.
  4. Tell him you are awfully sorry, but you aren’t attracted to men anymore, and this is beyond your control. And no, your new girlfriend does not want anything to do with him. If you don’t want to do this, then tell him you have a boyfriend and he’s a professional bodybuilder.
  5. Talk about very personal things with him, like your period or what your ex boyfriend liked to do in bed.
  6. Block his number.
  7. Finally, if all else fails, tell him honestly that his calling too much is really hindering your liking him at all, and that more calls will not change that.

I really am NOT an advocate of stringing a person along. It’s just plain mean. But, if you have to resort to the above, please read the tips and warnings sections on the page. My favorite warning is don’t do this to a guy who has hot friends you may want to date later. HA, who writes this stuff!


One Response to “When he stops calling”

  1. kate Says:

    Who writes this garbage? Call me old-fashioned, but I just don’t pick up the phone. They get the hint…eventually. lol. At least that was back in my m”wild and crazy” days.

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