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I like to call it MySpace shadowing… January 11, 2008

We’ve all done it, at one time or another. Some people will never admit to it. But, I’ll stand up straight, look all of you in the eyes, and say, “I MySpace stalk! You gotta problem with that?”

I actually do it way too often. I get bored very easily. And during certain parts of the year, I’m home a lot. So, what else is a gal to do? I have no crafts to keep my hands busy. I only post one or two blogs entries a day. I can’t talk on the phone all day. And, I’m new to this fab city I live in, so I can’t go harass a friend; that would require a drive to the Bay. So, it is my only (YES IT IS MY ONLY!) option.

But, isn’t the purpose of a social networking site to check out the people in your neighborhood. And your friend’s neighborhood? And your friend’s friend’s neighborhood? And your friend’s friend’s friend’s neighborhood? As long as you’re not following people around and becoming friends with all of their friends, all is well. Right?

I’ll admit, I HATE when I get random messages about angels falling from heaven from men pretending to be French (if you are going to say you are from France, have some pictures of France, not Detroit, posted on your page). But, I’ll take the good with the bad if it means I can peek into someone else’s life, without: a. seeming creepy, b. hiding in the bushes, or c. getting arrested.

Let’s face it, I’m too little and cute for prison. Plus I wouldn’t be able to listen to Chris Brown all day. Or look at his MySpace page.


2 Responses to “I like to call it MySpace shadowing…”

  1. beth Says:

    Ok, I will join you in your admission… in fact, the first time I ever logged on to myspace, back in 2004, it was for the sole purpose of figuring out what my current bf (fiance) at the time was doing on there, who he was talking to. We lived together 2 yrs, and then he started myspace. I got suspicious when he would close IM’s or IE windows whenever I walked by the computer. As you know, that ended pretty quick after that.
    Who can resist myspace-stalking? You are right, it’s too easy.

  2. Anna Says:

    Oh Dianna, I miss you! You can MySpace stalk me all you want. I didn’t know you had a blog, but then I saw you’d commented on Kate’s so I was all, I’m going to go visit it! Come to think of it, that’s a lot like MySpace stalking. Oh well!

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