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Music on Repeat: Who Am I to Say January 2, 2008

Filed under: music: on repeat — Dianna @ 12:27 am

I love a pretty song. I especially love a pretty song that makes me think about life and love. “Who Am I to Say” is a beautiful song by Hope. I was surfing Perez Hilton’s blog and stumbled upon this posting. I agree with Perez, this is a beautifully written and sung song. The song, “Who Am I to Say” is on the “Why Did I get Married?” soundtrack. Another of her songs is featured on the “P.S. I Love You” soundtrack; it’s called “Fortress”.

She reminds me a lot of Corrine Bailey Rae, who is also a great singer and songwriter. And I had the fortune of seeing Ms. Rae perform the last time I was in New York. She was great!

As for Hope, “Who Am I to Say” is played many times a day now. Although I prefer the arrangement of the song on her MySpace page more than the one on the soundtrack, the words are no less poignant.


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