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Daily Writing: 11-25-07 January 30, 2008

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8:21. 8:21. 8:21. Stuck on this plane.

8:22. Listening to Lupe Fiasco (taking too long to spell out fiasco, I blame spell check for my horrible spelling).

8:23. It really shouldn’t take that long to type out a sentence.

8:23. Okay that’s better. Somehow being on a plane makes me have this crazy feeling of excitement and dread.

8:24. (checking over what I just typed) Excitement because I want to get to where I’m going. I love to travel. Even my bi-monthly trips to Reno, NV and Chico, CA are a little exciting. An escape from the scheduled life that I live.

8:25. That’s much better, more than one sentence in one minute. I’m sure I could rattle off more sentences if I didn’t keep spelling things wrong and actually knew how to type.

8:26. How many times can I accidentally keep hitting ‘w’ instead of ‘e’?

8:27. Futurama is playing on the overhead t.v. on the plane and Lenny Kravitz is singing in my ear.

8:28. I never knew how quickly time flew by when you are trying to maximize every minute of it. And this tray table and the reclined seat in front of me is not helping my typing.

8:29. Typing on a wobbly computer is not the easiest thing. Especially when the dude in front of me is jamming out to his music after having 3 drinks.

8:30. Another hour on the plane. Then off to pick up my car, then my child. How I miss him and his smiling face.

8:31. He would have loved to ride the airplane AND watch Transformers at the same time.

8:41. (the dude in front of me just got another drink…dude, slow down)

8:43. Finally I get something else to drink. Water has never tasted so good. Except at 2 in the morning out of the bathroom faucet. It is so sweet.

8:44. Could life be any sweeter?


My head HURTS

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I’ve been sitting looking at my laptop screen for the last hour.

The t.v. is on (I actually turned it on today), MySpace is open, my “daily writing” folder is open (trying to find inspiration), and Steph Jones (my new music obsession) is singing to me. Yes, he’s singing to JUST me.   I mean what beats a cute boy who can dress AND has freckles. But, I digress.

So, short story shorter, I have nothing in my head except white noise. I’m too tired to write, so the only thing I can contribute to the world of blogging today is Steph Jones.  If you’re as interested in him as I am, check out this article over at A Hot Mess!.


In Progress: The Tate Manifesto January 17, 2008

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I’ve started this post over and over again. How do you declare you are starting a New World Order, in your world? Well, that’s how. You just say it.

It has been a helluva week, to say the least. Work is in full swing or me. So that means: a) I have to fold my work/travel schedule into my life schedule; b) I have to get my son back on a real schedule; c) I have to get myself back in sync with my work schedule, his school schedule, my cooking and cleaning schedule, my maddening email schedule, and so forth; and d) I have to figure out when I’ll sleep and exercise.

I think pretty linearly. I have to have a, b and c done before I even I think about doing d. That poses a problem when I’m trying to organize myself so I can function at a less than crazy rate. I’ve been on the edge of crazy all week. I’ve had to repeat my mantra (open, honest, keep it moving) so many times that it’s a reflex now. My mind feels disorganized.

So, I started thinking about how I could prevent myself from tottering over to the crazy side. And it came to me: I NEED TO WRITE A MANIFESTO. I need to declare to the world my thoughts/needs on/for life, love, and the pursuit of my happiness.

By the end of said manifesto, I’m sure you’ll know WAY too much about me.

But, it’s for the common good right?
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AWFUL! January 14, 2008

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Rejection Hotline.

Now you can give fake cell numbers AND email addresses.



When he stops calling

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One day it just happens. He stops calling you. No warning, no reason for why (at least in your mind). But, as the caring souls that we are, we think that something horrible has happen. “Oh my God, his car ran off the road on the way over to my house.” Why else would he not show up, right? “Oh my God he MUST have gotten in an accident because he hasn’t responded to my text message I sent the other day.” Why else would he not reply back (although he doesn’t have the best track record).

Here’s my answer (the best answer to everything, dating wise): HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. Learn it and Live it. Saves a lot of time. Unless he was really in a horrible accident, then you have to consider cutting him some slack.

While I was preparing to write this entry, I was doing a little internet research. I research most of my posting on dating (unless I’m just bitching). I goggled “what to do when he stops calling” and one of my search results was titled: “How to Get a Guy to Stop Calling You.” Interesting. I, personally, just stop answering the phone, but I’m working on my honesty this year, so I’ll have to face the music next time around. So, in case you were wondering here are some tips on how to get him to stop calling , courtesy of wikiHow:

  1. Adopt poor cell phone etiquette: Make him repeat everything two or three times, then respond with a disappointed “oh.” Have side conversations with people in the same room while he’s still on the line, or better yet, eat noisily while he’s talking.
  2. Tell him you’re so glad you finally found someone who likes talking on the phone so much, since your ex-boyfriend only called like three times a day. Proceed to tell a long story about how you had to argue with the shoe salesman over the price of the fabulous Gucci boots you bought earlier today.
  3. Agree to meet with him. Looking as unattractive as you are willing to be seen in public, order a lot of expensive food and drinks. Complain about the restaurant while stuffing your face. Go to the bathroom whenever he begins to tell a story.
  4. Tell him you are awfully sorry, but you aren’t attracted to men anymore, and this is beyond your control. And no, your new girlfriend does not want anything to do with him. If you don’t want to do this, then tell him you have a boyfriend and he’s a professional bodybuilder.
  5. Talk about very personal things with him, like your period or what your ex boyfriend liked to do in bed.
  6. Block his number.
  7. Finally, if all else fails, tell him honestly that his calling too much is really hindering your liking him at all, and that more calls will not change that.

I really am NOT an advocate of stringing a person along. It’s just plain mean. But, if you have to resort to the above, please read the tips and warnings sections on the page. My favorite warning is don’t do this to a guy who has hot friends you may want to date later. HA, who writes this stuff!


The long and awful road (aka PMS)

The other day I almost did something really rash. I was ready to throw ALL my secrets out on the table because it felt like the right thing to do. Then I realized what day it was and that I needed to pull back. My PMS had struck again.

I don’t know about you, but PMS to me is a crazy (outside my normal crazy) emotional time for me. Nothing more, nothing less. I have to be really careful about what I say and do, because at any moment I could be divulging some deep dark secret of mine. Or I could be watching ‘The Biggest Loser’ and burst out into tears. Not a normal reaction, I know, but it is a PMS reaction.

On my drive to pick up my son I was on the verge of tears for a reason really unclear to me. It was my PMS reaction to the day. Yesterday I almost said something I would have never been able to take back. Could have been a good thing but it could have been ALL bad. But after a long chain of text messages to a friend who was not hormonally challenged, I was able to put myself back in check.

So, if you happen to talk to or see me this week, please be kind. I’m in a PMS state of mind.


I like to call it MySpace shadowing… January 11, 2008

We’ve all done it, at one time or another. Some people will never admit to it. But, I’ll stand up straight, look all of you in the eyes, and say, “I MySpace stalk! You gotta problem with that?”

I actually do it way too often. I get bored very easily. And during certain parts of the year, I’m home a lot. So, what else is a gal to do? I have no crafts to keep my hands busy. I only post one or two blogs entries a day. I can’t talk on the phone all day. And, I’m new to this fab city I live in, so I can’t go harass a friend; that would require a drive to the Bay. So, it is my only (YES IT IS MY ONLY!) option.

But, isn’t the purpose of a social networking site to check out the people in your neighborhood. And your friend’s neighborhood? And your friend’s friend’s neighborhood? And your friend’s friend’s friend’s neighborhood? As long as you’re not following people around and becoming friends with all of their friends, all is well. Right?

I’ll admit, I HATE when I get random messages about angels falling from heaven from men pretending to be French (if you are going to say you are from France, have some pictures of France, not Detroit, posted on your page). But, I’ll take the good with the bad if it means I can peek into someone else’s life, without: a. seeming creepy, b. hiding in the bushes, or c. getting arrested.

Let’s face it, I’m too little and cute for prison. Plus I wouldn’t be able to listen to Chris Brown all day. Or look at his MySpace page.