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The Handbook, Part 2 September 3, 2007

Filed under: handbook — Dianna @ 1:14 am

As we all know guys are not the only ones who need help when it comes to dating. Sometimes us ladies could use some lessons.

The Handbook
Volume 2: How Not to Date, Ladies Edition

Chapter 1: Be a Lady at All Times
Are you really wearing that?

Chapter 2: Someone Has to Be in Charge
Why “whatever you like” is never a sufficient answer.

Chapter 3: Your Date Shouldn’t be Afraid of You
Being an independent woman isn’t the same thing as being a bully.

Chapter 4: Your cue that the date is over
“Yeah, I was just telling my girlfriend and/or wife…”

Chapter 5: Do Not Break Your Own Rules
If you can’t follow them, he never will.

If you missed the first installment of The Handbook, take a look at it here.


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