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From the Mouths of Babes August 28, 2007

Filed under: things that should not be suggested or said — Dianna @ 6:10 pm

Picture this:
A sunny afternoon in New York City. A fantastically dressed gal is chatting on the phone while shopping. Then she sees him: football physique, dressed well, and of course he has his stunner shades on. But there’s one problem. Wait, I take that back, there are two problems: he looks like he just ran 20 blocks to get to the store and he opens his mouth and says this, “Can I use your phone?” Why? “So I can put my phone number in it.” Ummmm, how about a NO.

So, kids, next time you have a pick-up line you can’t wait to use, please be observant of yourself (profuse sweating is a guaranteed SHUT DOWN) and the lovely young lady you are speaking to (dude, I’m on the phone, so please stop talking to me).


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