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The Handbook August 2, 2007

Filed under: handbook — Dianna @ 2:47 am

As suggested by Angela (shout out to all my folks in Harlem) I’ve formulated the table of contents for the handbook that might be necessary for some of the men we have had the misfortune to date.

Volume I: How Not to Date
Chapter 1: You Want to do What?!
Appropriate and Inappropriate things to say and do

Chapter 2: Really?
Stop talking WAY before you sound like a d-bag.

Chapter 3: Wait, who’s paying for this little excursion tonight?
How to get Her to Respect You after She finds out You Do Not Have a Job.

Chapter 4: How do I say this nicely?

When to cut your loses and take her home.

Chapter 5: Dude, you just threw-up on me.
Don’t go for the wasted look, it doesn’t look good on you.

…more to come…


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