The Tate Way

it’s worked so far

M.A.T.C.H dot C.O.M July 30, 2007

Filed under: things I should never do again — Dianna @ 7:06 am

I won’t be embarrassed at all, I’m just going to come out and say it. YES, I signed up for YES, I decided I was tired of sitting at home wishing I had a cat to converse with. YES, I did it. You see the commercials. You wonder. And then there’s Jay Manuel from ANTM telling you it’s okay to look. I mean, who doesn’t listen to Jay Manuel!?!? So, I tried it. I tried it because I’m a 27 year old going through a divorce. I tried it because dating after not dating for 4 years is pretty scary. So, match was my way of jumping over the “back in the dating game” hurtle. And it worked, like a charm – not saying that I’m out there dating it up. And I also won’t say it made me realize how AWESOME I am (lol), my friends and family remind me of that everyday, in their own special ways. But it made me realize I have nothing to be scared of.

Plus now I have lots of funny stories (and actually some good ones) to share with my friends. But there was that guy from the gas station, that was my own damn fault, I can’t blame for that one.


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