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How about a Play Date? July 28, 2007

Filed under: things that should not be suggested or said — Dianna @ 3:45 am

A play date? As opposed to a real date? “No”, he says. “I think it would be cool if our kids…” Okay, TIME OUT – TECHNICAL FOUL, buddy, TECHNICAL FOUL! What makes it okay for our kids to get together if we haven’t even been in the same place together for more than 3 hours. And no, you can’t count the time it took to drive to the restaurant and drive me home. So here’s what I say to the play date. Unless you are talking about us having a dress rehearsal for our date (which incidentally, I highly suggest), then I’m going to have to T you up and ask you to leave the game.


One Response to “How about a Play Date?”

  1. emilysmiles Says:

    niiice! i love your blog!

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