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Pickin Men is like pickin apples July 26, 2007

Filed under: all in one night — Dianna @ 3:31 am

You know a date is headed in the wrong direction when:
1. You want to smack your date in the head with a miniature golf club.
2. Your date gets physically upset when you keep beating him at Tekken 3.
3. Your date almost cries when you say you’re tired of whooping his ass at Tekken 3.
4.You sit on candy and he points and laughs at you.
5. You are offered an Icee as a means of wooing you.
6. You are more or less ignoring him at the dinner table because he keeps asking you why you are drinking grass. And this is still after telling him repeatedly that lemongrass is an herb, and you’re not drinking Kentucky blue grass.
7. You get pissed when the waiter thinks you ordered the fish and not that beautiful 8 oz steak he’s handing to your date.
8. He answers his phone during dinner and says he’s having dinner with his Boo.
9. He touches your leg and you cock back to punch him.
10. He comes back from the bar with your beer and his pear cider.

Yeah buddy, I sure do know how to pick ’em.


4 Responses to “Pickin Men is like pickin apples”

  1. Angela Says:

    You are dead right! I think men should carry a manual with them on the date and refer to it when they cannot figure out what to do. The manual’s table of contents would read something like this… Chapter 1-Appropriate and Inappropriate Things To Say and Do, Chapter 2 – When to Shut-Up Because You Sound Like a Retard, Chapter 3-How to get Her to Respect You after She finds out You Do Not Have a Job……

  2. DiDeTa Says:

    Thanks Angie! I like the handbook idea…lol

  3. Beth Says:

    His T-Shirt says:

    “My Boo drinks grass.”

    or maybe

    “100% man, and I drink cider”

  4. DiDeTa Says:

    Beth, I’m going to be wearing one of those next time I see you. 🙂

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